This Is Africa! – Community day

On Sep 29, 2019, on a wonderful sunshiny day, Stefánia Palota (Stefánia Palace) hosted the community day This Is Africa! where, once again, Taita Foundation was present. At our booth, visitors had an opportunity, among others, to gain familiarity with our job, while in exchange of donations, they had the chance to buy various handcrafted ornamental objets d'art, jewelry, gifts, coffee and tea; we also prepared a set of quiz questions, and those who answered the questions correctly received candies.

For me, this was the first exhibition-volunteering-job, and it was a positive experience to see how many people are curious about the Foundation’s activity, as well as being interested in the children and Africa. In my opinion, it is a huge…

My first volunteering experience

My first volunteering experience


I am Dóra Göncző, 24 years old; just a few days after joining the Foundation, I already had the opportunity to take part in a volunteering job here in Hungary: with Taita, we held a handicraft workshop with games and competitions for the kiddies of the Pilis Gyermekotthon (Pilis Children’s Home) in Terény

I was very happy about this event, since I am a big fan of children, and always got on well with them. The idea that considering their age, they are mentally and physically a bit backward, as well as the fact that the most of them grow up without parents, scared me a bit at first, but I like challenges, so I registered immediately.

The night before, I could hardly sleep; I had a lot of questions fomenting in me. How will I find common ground with them, what feelings…

So far away – and yet so close... - Katalin Magyar

So far away – and yet so close...


At Gödöllő, on a warm summer day, after a rapid acquaintance, we set out almost to the end of the world. Okay, you don’t have to go that far to meet ill-fated fellow citizens living in difficult circumstances. As for us, led by Eszter, we joined the work of the Tegyél Egy Szebb Jövőért Egyesület (Act For A More Beautiful Future) in Mátramindszent. We prepared with children’s activities, with the women joining all our handicraft programs with just as much – if not more – enthusiasm than the children. In the meantime, we learned from our conversations that the village’s inhabitants commute a long way to study and work. One grandfather was accompanying his grandchild whom he is raising because the parents abandoned the child and don’t care for the waif. This was heart-wrenching to hear,…

Donation open-air tent - Expodom

Donation open-air tent


We want to thank for the open-air tent offered by Mutton Ltd!

In Hungary, Taita Foundation helps build intercultural connections by means of popular science, and in Kenya (Province Taita, Bura Mission Village), since 2005, we have been offering our assistance to underprivileged young people by means of maintaining the Saint Joseph Children’s Home And Little Angel Kindergarten, as well as supporting a school.

In Hungary, we appear at numerous events, holding discussions and lectures (almost 60 events in the past 3 years), in order to give the broadest possible perspective of our activities for those who are interested, thus bringing Africa closer to the people. We are endeavoring to reach as many schools and venues as possible with our innovative, interactive popular-…

Emese Borbély

“If many little people do many little good things at many little places, the world will change.”


We had a conversation with Emese Borbély, the chairwoman of Taita Foundation, about Africa, and the St Joseph Orphanage in Kenya that their foundation supports. Full interview.

– How many times have you seen the movie The Gods Must Be Crazy?

– I rarely ever watch movies but I’ve seen this one a good many times. I was captivated by the Bushmens’ world, and of course, by the animals, as well.

– Why support the orphans in Africa, of all places, and not Asia, for example, or even in the Csángó-land?

– Help is needed in a lot of spots all over the world, whether it be the material or the moral kind. I do believe, and duly experience, that in the world, we have the opportunity to help in various places. Taita was my decision. Already during my university years…