Lili Fülöp - experiences

Lili Fülöp - experiences

One of my oldest dreams, namely to do volunteering in Africa, was realized in September 2018. I spent four months in the Saint Joseph Orphanage, and this period undoubtedly became the most… Tovább

Two in kenya

Two in kenya: Júlia Kaputa and László Czellahó in Bura

We spent three months in the Bura Orphanage and we are sure we’ll never forget this time. It was a wonderful feeling to experience all the love that the children gave to each other and received… Tovább

Digital orphanage - Barni

Digital orphanage - Barni

For the almost four weeks I spent in the orphanage in July 2017, I aimed to establish a good quality internet connection for the orphanage, as well as teaching the children the basics of how to… Tovább

The little hopper (Panka M.)

The little hopper (Theresie)

The otherwise high-spirited Theresie limped increasingly every day, and her pains grew all the time. In the nearest hospital, the treatment for the four-year-old girl consisted merely of lying in… Tovább

I will be white (Zsuzsi M.)

I will be white (Zsuzsi M.) - Fausta

One day, I was walking home with Fausta, when suddenly she told me: "One day, I’ll go away from here, I’ll be white and I ’ll do nothing else but eat chapati (a Kenyan food) every day, for every… Tovább

Outside the orphanage (Enikő B.)

Outside the orphanage 1

When living in the orphanage, one is not really hit hard by the feeling of poverty, since, thanks to the Hungarian support, much better circumstances dominate here than among the neighboring… Tovább