Lili Fülöp - experiences

One of my oldest dreams, namely to do volunteering in Africa, was realized in September 2018. I spent four months in the Saint Joseph Orphanage, and this period undoubtedly became the most determining experience of my life so far.
The children welcomed me with unbridled joy; of course, my enthusiasm wasn’t any less than theirs.

Fantastic experiences enriched me: we went on safaris, climbed mountains and went hiking, we played a lot together. I also learned their everyday routine: we awoke before dawn, I accompanied them to school, then during the day, we drew, recited rhymes and sang together with the youngest ones. In the afternoon, their pending homework awaited, then the evening prayer, for which everybody gathered together, so that the songs could resound, accompanied with the beat of the drum. And before they went to sleep, I told them tales, that was how we imaginatively ventured out to the scorching savanna, or even to snow-covered Budapest.

In Kenya, the schoolyear finishes at the end of October; that’s when the more than the two-month-long holiday begins, which lasts until the beginning of the new year. During this time, we frequently visited the neighborhood’s football fields, but besides the games, the children conscientiously took their share of work around the house, as well. I said goodbye to the residents of the Bura orphanage with a heavy heart, forever cherishing the abundance of beautiful memories that I gathered during my trip to Kenya, and hoping that in the future, I’ll get the chance again to visit the children again.