Veronika Kővágó It Is Good To Be a Volunteer...

On Oct 15, at the Dr. Török Béla Általános Iskola (Primary School), I gave a presentation describing my volunteering activity that I completed in the Taita Foundation’s Bura Orphanage. The lecture was one of the programs within the thematic week that the school organized, centered around volunteering.

I recounted to the school’s hearing-impaired students where Kenya is situated, why I chose that very spot to travel to as a volunteer, and what kind of tasks I had out there in the orphanage.

The students listened to me attentively and with great interest throughout the lecture, and several of them took the courage to ask their questions. I was very happy that I managed to engage their attention to such an extent, and that they were so curious about my account.

Then, at the end, the greatest honor was when one of the little girls came to me, saying: “Do continue this volunteering, because it is a very beautiful task!“