Smile in the squalor

A lot of young people have their plans to go and see the world, tearing themselves out from their usual peripheries, getting to know a different culture. Exoticness, adventure, culture shock – a Kenyan orphanage is the best field for experiencing all these.

Anita Oláh is a freshly graduated kindergarten teacher. She has been taking care of children for a long time in the nursery and the playhouse where she works, and besides these, she helps out as an animator in camps for kids with multiple disadvantages, including Roma children. It was by pure chance that she got acquainted with the Taita Foundation which supports an orphanage in Kenya. A yearning for adventure and the urge to help took her on a Bura Mission into the mountains of Kenya for two and a half months, from where she returned a few weeks ago. She says she never imagined it would be so difficult to get used to the hustle and bustle, and all the noise of Budapest. The experiences (which will last for a lifetime) are still whirling around in her and she feels like no problems exist at home, or at least what we have are miniaturized compared to those encountered in Africa.

I love travelling – this, and the spirituality of the foundation was enough to make me seriously determined to go to Africa. I have been preparing for this for half a year. The volunteering job starts at home: we are collecting donations, organizing programs in foster homes, hosting Africa-days in schools with games and music. Another interesting initiative is that the children from the foster homes in our country are sending pictures to Bura.

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