Donation open-air tent

We want to thank for the open-air tent offered by Mutton Ltd!

In Hungary, Taita Foundation helps build intercultural connections by means of popular science, and in Kenya (Province Taita, Bura Mission Village), since 2005, we have been offering our assistance to underprivileged young people by means of maintaining the Saint Joseph Children’s Home And Little Angel Kindergarten, as well as supporting a school.

In Hungary, we appear at numerous events, holding discussions and lectures (almost 60 events in the past 3 years), in order to give the broadest possible perspective of our activities for those who are interested, thus bringing Africa closer to the people. We are endeavoring to reach as many schools and venues as possible with our innovative, interactive popular-science programs (which we call Africa Day). Our aim is to involve young people into the volunteering activities, as well as acquaint them with another culture. Besides the youth, we also endeavor to address the adult age groups in as many venues and programs as possible. As a part of that, we attend larger events, as well as cooperating with organizations that pursue similar activities organizing Africa Programs.

Thus, the fast-collapsible tent that Mutton Kft offered us was a great help with running outdoor events, effectively assisting our camping and outdoor appearances.

We would like to say many thanks to Mutton, thus contributing to the successful run of our events. Mutton Ltd is the vendor of Expodom garden pavilions and market tents.