“If many little people do many little good things at many little places, the world will change.”

We had a conversation with Emese Borbély, the chairwoman of Taita Foundation, about Africa, and the St Joseph Orphanage in Kenya that their foundation supports. Full interview.

– How many times have you seen the movie The Gods Must Be Crazy?

– I rarely ever watch movies but I’ve seen this one a good many times. I was captivated by the Bushmens’ world, and of course, by the animals, as well.

– Why support the orphans in Africa, of all places, and not Asia, for example, or even in the Csángó-land?

– Help is needed in a lot of spots all over the world, whether it be the material or the moral kind. I do believe, and duly experience, that in the world, we have the opportunity to help in various places. Taita was my decision. Already during my university years, I met the Kenyan nuns and immediately felt drawn to their work. I desired to experience on the very spot how an orphanage that is led by nuns operates in Africa. At home, I also regularly looked after children in state care who, without families and social networks, had a much harder time to thrive, to adapt to society, compared to “average” young people. I was curious how this might work in a society much poorer than Hungary, where the sisters put their life on the line to raise the children...

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