Mother and daughter

In February 2019, a young girl with a huge heart, determined, ready for action, stepped onto Africa’s soil, to bring care, provision, and love to a place where it is very much needed. From a very tender age, Anna has taken the fate of orphans, the afflicted, the destitute and the abandoned to heart, and thus, driven by her heart’s desire, she joined the Foundation’s work in the St Joseph Orphanage of Bura. Since her arrival, she has been actively involved in the children’s everyday life and their care, radiating joy and hope toward the younger and older children alike.

While she fulfills her volunteer service in Kenya, I, as her proud mother, undertook volunteering tasks in the Foundation’s job here at home. The latest event the Taita Foundation appeared at was the ’Afrika Expo’, where a whole army of enthusiastic volunteers expected the visitors, devoted and ready to help.

The question might arise in many people: why exactly Africa? Why are we active far away from our home, when we are in a great need of help here, as well? I think that by now, support, care for others and offering help has become a worldwide task for us. A significant number of our volunteers undertake roles in organizations here at home, as well, but we can’t close our eyes to any single fellow human in need, wherever they live in this world.

Earth is our home, love is boundless. With Martin Luther King’s message, I encourage everybody to cross country borders and take responsibility for the whole of our planet.

“Let’s help others! Because others are us, too!”