News from Bura

May, 2011

Unfortunately some problems emerged with the contractor assigned to the construction of the new orphanage building, however Zsolt is trying his best to handle it therefore the girl's quarters will hopefully be ready soon. Despite the difficulties our volunteers had the opportunity to go to the beach and rest there for a few days. Julcsi unfortunately caught malaria and she had to be hospitalized in Mombasa, but she recovered fast and is now back with the children. According to them, the kids are all right, they're growing and for example little Jenny is making huge developments. In February she still layed helplessly all day long on the floor but thanks to the effords of Zsolti and Julcsi who started to spend more time with her and helped her exercise, she is now up and about and also initiating interactions with the others.

The children's character changes and developes continuously , as they get more and more intelligent. Julcsi said they're both deeply touched by Africa and they will be heartbroken when in a month they'll have to leave the children behind.


April 2011

Thanks to the successful application of our volunteer Enikő Borbély new bedroom and playroom have been built at the orphanage supported by a Dutch foundation. The new two-storey building was planned by Zsolt Hirling, who is currently volunteering in Bura. The bedroom was designed so that the sunset could be seen from the window. During the reconstructions an old warehouse had to be demolished, with the supervison Zsolt and Julcsi the young and old were involved. Pictures can be found on our Facebook site. Construction works have begun at Easter.

February 2011

Our volunteers Zsolt Hirling (ranked fifth in rowing on the 2004 Olympic Games) and Julcsi Telegdy have safely arrived at Bura, although they had to spend a few days in Nairobi waiting for their luggages due to the North African conflict. Unfortunately Sister Willy got malaria but as usual she does not show any signs of feeling unwell. Our volunteer Petra Kozalek came home after 4 months and brought a lot of new information and a pictures of the children, which were also forwarded to the sponsors.

January 2011

Petra is eager to spend some quality time with the children. She made a series of plasticine forms, and the children had to guess what they were. Mutuku thought that everything Petra made was either a cow or a chiken. No matter the size, or the number of legs, even a non-figurative shape was one of the above listed. Of course there were a lot more figures made: cups, ants, houses and balls.

The children wanted to play with Petra in the mornings, this is the way they called her: "Petra, Petita, Petila, Petja". They explained to her that it was time for their little snack: "Cha-ku-la, cha-ku-la, cha-ku-la". (to eat). After, they sang songs all together. It was soon time again for "cha-ku-la" (lunch) and their afternoon nap "ku-la-la, ku-la-la, ku-la-la" (to sleep). The Children gave random little lessons to Petra showing their everyday life, and the things around them.

Every evening they prayed all together,Every evening they pray, they hum all together "Hail Mary, full of grace, the Lord is with thee...". The children also share personal prayers which can sometimes be about the volunteers: "Lord thank you for putting me in this school", "Lord, thank you for putting food on my table", "Lord, please make Petronila's fever go away" (this is typical of Peter Kasiwa, he is always caring for others),"Lord, please help Peter Ngilan pass the first grade", "Lord thank you for guiding Petra here, and please send us more volunteers".

November 2010

Dr. Valéria Kutnyánszky , family doctor from Bükkösd, arrived to Bura on 24th of November and brought antibiotics and medications for the children. Thanks to her assistance children were thoroughly examinated, they received homeopatic treatment and vermifuge and went through AIDS test.

October 2010

Petra Kozalek our volunteer has safely arrived to Bura on the 13th October. According to her plans she is going to stay in the orphanage for a period of 6 Months. The children welcomed the new „mzungut” (white people). The introduction presentation has been designed and improved within everybody can present his/her dancing and singing skills. Petra is still adapting to the new environment, local customs and to learn how to behave not like a „clever European”. As she wrote us the new experiences have huge impact to her. We believe now it is not so easy for Petra therefore we all wish her endurance and power for the future.

September 2010

We regret to inform you that one of the Kenyan orphans, the 6 Months old Regina, died on the 29th September. She vomited and had diarrhoea however the reason of her death is uncertain until now, probably it was caused by malaria. The child has been found in the forest where she was supposed to stay three days long before taking her to the orphanage. In the orphanage she became a smiling and active baby. Our team offers its condolences.

August 2010

Enik. Gaál has arrived to Bura on the beginning of August therefore Mirjana could hand over her duties and they had opportunity to stay together with the children for a few weeks. Enik. is going to work for 3 Months in the orphanage as a volunteer. She is going to meet the representatives of the Foreign Affairs who are visiting the orphanage in order to check the water-cistern granted by their institution. Our volunteer Livi Radó, on her way to Sudan, visited the nuns in Nairobi who are maintaining an orphanage in Bura as well. They were together whole day long by introducing Livi their work.

July 2010

Mirjana has safely arrived to Kenya. Even on her first day she and Eniko together took all the children to the see cost. It has been already 4 years before when the children last time saw the Indian-Ocean that is approximately 200 km (125 miles) away from the orphanage. The trip costs 10 EUR/day/person thanks to the Hungarian supporters.

June 2010

The chair of the foundation Emese Borbély called Sister Willy and our volunteer Enik. many times. Everybody is all right besides the children have great achievements in the school. Enik. recall gladly her arrival when after 5 hours by travelling she has arrived to the orphanage with a minibus that was in a really bad condition. She was welcomed by 20-25 children who were shouting „visitor, visitor” while running towards the minibus. Our friends form Bura show huge love towards the Hungarian volunteers. They behave as the volunteers would be the crucial part of their life. One of the children the beautiful 2 years old Mwakio has especially good relationship with Enik.. As the nuns believe he has finally found her mother. Mwaiko has a father and a 6 years old brother. Her mother died directly after his born and due to financial reasons his father can not undertake his breeding. The father visits Mwakio regularly once in a month despite the fact that he has to walk 3 hours to reach the orphanage. He promised his son that he is going to take he home when he will be enough old to go to school.

May 2010

Our volunteer has departed to Kenya on the 30th May. Her main responsibilities will be to measure and improve the medical status of the children besides to follow up the studies of those children who are attending 24/7 schools. Her other duties will be to manage the symbolic adoption programme, to solve the problems occurred during the daily work of the orphanage and to help in the utilization of the donations.

February 2010

Our volunteer Bea bought fruits, meet and fish for the children. She tidied the wardrobe that was not an easy work at all if we consider the huge number of the children. This kind of work is necessary since the children change there clothes constantly. The nuns are responsible for the washing and drying of the clothes. Bea made shakes for the smaller children and took the older to see the monkeys. The fright away of monkeys is the crucial part of the farmers’ daily work. Bea learned how to recognise the malaria parasite with a microscope that she thought the children as well. On the afternoons the children were making drawing to the Hungarian donors.

November 2009

Emese Borbély talked Sister Wilhelmina the head of the orphanage in Bura by phone. Fortunately everything is alright with the children, they are healthy and preparing themselves for – the unbelievable hot – Christmas. The good news is that two more children Zainabu and Francais are studying in a school where they are accommodated as well from January thanks to the greater supports.

August 2009

Michael is a 6 years old boy who is Priscilla’s brother. After his HIV infection has been diagnostised he had to move first to an orphanage for AIDS-infected children than a foster-mother received him. He was the one that Kati visited together with Sister Annastacia as well as with Priscilla and 8 children. After two hours long march in the dessert the small mission arrived to the Self Help Station No.16. where Michael has lived with his five brothers. The mission was welcomed and received for an ugali that is one glass of water hard to come by. Then the children started to play together. The sister and the brother, who has nobody in the whole world, finally have opportunity to be together at least for a few hours. Kati would like to calm everybody that Michael goes well and he received the appropriate treatment however on the way back home she has on her mind what a paradise is our orphanage.

July 2009

On 28 July a very important visitor arrived to Bura Mission, in the person of the Kenyan ‘Minister for Child and Social care and Equal opportunities’. Everyone was preparing for the reception. The children were preparing with dance and songs, the sisters with salutation speach. For days they were cleaning and decorating the house. The Sunday bests turned up from the depth of the storage room, the children got nicely dressed up and were expecting Mama Esther in this manner. But it seemed to be in vain. 9 a.m. was long gone, it was almost noon. The children were deadbeat, we had to change nappy on the babies several times. Eventually around 4 p.m. Mama Esther arrived with her accompaniment. They could not listen to the whole of the presentation, only the half of it. The ribbon cutting ceremony for the nursery school took place, she planted a tree, walked around and left. Her visit did not provide any financial benefit. Later Kati got to know that mistress has the rigth to close any social institute, in case she believes it is not appropriate, and several times she did live with this right. But she was furthermore satisfied with what she saw in Bura.

June 2009

On 28 June a new Hungarian volunteer, Katalin Alkér started her way to Kenya, to the orphanage in Bura to spend 2 months helping the children. Among others her task will be to look over the financials of the nursery school, to review the tution fees and to obtain proposals for the renovation of the old nursery room.

May 2009

The old baby beds were in really bed circumstances, therefore Timi purchased six new beds which was funded by Taita. The children were really happy for their new beds. Most of all, the sisters were really grateful for the Hungarian donation.

March 2009

On 3 March Tímea Kramcsák and Réka Tokay volunteers luckily arrived to Bura to spend several months helping in the orphanage. The children are really happy for the Hungarian volunteers and remember gladly to those who were there previously. We enrolled the boarding students to a new school which is closer to the orphanage. Thus they can visit there friends and the sisters in the orphanage more often. They really like the new school and like to learn there. At the same time the girls help those children who are learning in the local school.

December 2008

Ági Csordás arrived back from Kenya, whereas Orsi Radó is still working in Bura. On 15 December Ági Schaffler joined her. They will stay until mid-January. Due to their assistance several achievements were born: a Christmas tree was stated for the children. Those attending primary school received schoolbags, shoes and slippers, those in boarding received hygiene stuff, whereas the smallers toys. Our children made a presentation in the Christmas ceremony at the church, Orsi and Ági also assisted in the preparation. Orsi plays a lot with the children, teaches them how to enjoy the playing room, helps cleaning the house, sings a lot and walks with the children. Good news: the children weed less and less. The girls receive assistance during the days in the child-rearing by the 17-year-old Sylvia, who lives in the orphanage as well. The video player was repaire which is beneficial to the children in various aspects: it provides entartainment, relexation and assistance in English learning. The only thing lacking is: we need more video casettes.

November 2008.

Ági and Orsi went to Voi to buy some foodstuff and purchased potato, onion, lens, etc which will provide fooding for the next couple of weeks. The volunteers secure that once a week the children would eat meat. The bunk beds arrived to the orphanage. The donations gathered until now financed the purchase of eight beds, in this way everyone has his own doss. Orsi and Ági rearranged the rooms as well, which is great as the smaller and larger kids have more space and do not disturb each other.

October 2008

On 18 October Orsi Radó and Ági Csordás arrived to Kenya to work as volunteers in the orphanage of Bura. After the initial difficulties, they promptly got used to the circumstances and the work. They have plenty of plans to be realized and utilized the finances sent by the foundation for the following: - As the children used to have one-sided meals, they tried to purchase different kind of foodstaff, several pack of rice, pasta and some kilograms of meat. - They took all the children for medical examination including AIDS test, took out medicine - They visited the dentist with the children who needed - They settled the debts of the orphanage, e.g. towards the dispensary - They hired a nanny for six hours daily, who would look after the babies for a salary of KES2,000 monthly (equalling less than monthly HUF6,000). It was really important, as the other two antis are fully busy with cooking, washing and tidying the house thus no one was really looking after the little ones.

Commotions and riots in Kenya and after

Dear assistants of Taita, supporters and friends!

I would like to write you a short summary regarding the Kenyan situation for a long time but it used to be delayed. Here is the time to compensate you.

I am sure you followed with attention the Kenyan political/ethnical riots which started after the president election held at 27 December. Since then the situation calmed down and the Hungarian news do not deal with the African country; however, the foreign papers still publish articles regarding the affects of the riots.

Firstly, I report about our orphans. Everything was all right. The orphanage in Bura is located so that the fights did not get there. As the riots started right after Christmas, the children stayed at home, three children who study in a far public school did not return to school after the holidays. Later they started the way but they were turned back. Tuition started last Monday in most of the schools and our children went back to school as well.

The nursery school we initiated was temporarily abandoned although only orphans and some kids from the village attend it. However, everyone was happy to have his kid at home. The nursery school opened its gates one week prior to the start of tuition in schools. So life is back to its normal path.

Angeline, one of my good friends from out there with whom I exchanged several text messages regarding the situation, reported that although nothing happened in Bura, there were fights in the closest village that took tolls. Only 15 km from Bura. Furthermore she complained that prices (especially food prices) increased significantly.

Only a single ethnical group lives around Kikambala (where the other orphanage is located) therefore there were no fights luckily and everyone is well off.

The riots might have affects on Kenya on the long-term. The country was previously considered to be politically stabile and now lost its reputation although the situation was arranged quickly. Kenya lost categories in the investor’s world. People are still starving and wishing to achieve a better standard of living – as they just reflected this with their riot. We hope that this situation will improve soon.

We should be glad that these riots did not turn to be a long civil war. And lets stand besides the people of Kenya in this situation.

This is shortly what I wanted to share with you.

25 February 2008

Best regards:
Borbély Emese

Photo Contest -

Two of our volunteers took part in the Big Colorful World (Szines Nagy Vilag) photo contest with their pictures taken in Kenya. We would like to thank those of you whom voted for them. We would like to congratulate Reka, who made it to the finals and her work was exhibited. The award ceremony was held on the 4th of June 2010 at the Budapest Corvinus University, and the exposition can be visited until the 18th of June.

Tokay Rekas photo can be viewed here.
Kramcsak Timeas photo can be viewed here.

Kindergarten project -

Since 2005 the Unruhe Foundation rewards innovative social ideas with the SozialMarie award. They support on going projects which can provide efficient solutions to various problems of society. The first prize is rewarded with 15 000 Euros, the second with 10 000 Euros and the third with 5 000 Euros. Ten different projects will receive 1 000 Euros each. In 2010, 206 applications were submitted from the following countries: Austria, Slovenia, Czeh Republic, Hungary. The following volunteers helped in the making of the submitted Taita foundation application: Alkér Kati, Borbély Emese, Radó Lívia, Radó Orsi, Gradwohl Ágnes, Kramcsák Tímea, Böröcz Bea. We presented our "Little Angels" kindergarten project which is up and running beside our orphanage since may 2007. The kindergarten is fully financed by Hungarian donations. The establishment started out with 10 children and now counts 53 students and provides professional education and services for them. With the help of a Germain Foundation in 2008 we built a new building next to the old adobe house, hence now the two classes can work separately. In 2008 we also purchased tables and chairs from a special school in Burma where disadvantaged and handicapped children study and work. The kindergarten plays an important role in the preparation of the children's further education, and at the same time provides a secure food source twice a day. Most of the vegetables and fruits are grown in the mini farm next to the orphanage, and beacause of this, we would like to buy and build a drop-watering system in the near future. Further details about the contest and the details of our project can be found on the following website:

An article in Hungarian can be read here, Further...

Radó Lívia represented the foundation at the award ceremony organized in Vienna.

MAP membership award -

Early 2010 we nominated Taita Foundation for the Hungarian Africa Platform Membership Award. Taita Foundation is one of the founders of this platform, and has been an active member since. Our goal with the Platform is to promote the African continent, and find a way to introduce awareness in the Hungarian politics scene. Most of the donations we receive from our supporters are generally spent for the orphanage and for the children living there, however the incomes earned through domestic applications, such as the 50.000Huf we received now for the MAP membership award, are spent to support the Foundation’s activity in Hungary.

Ubuntu Award

We won an extra award in 2009 related to our volunteer work in the Bura orphans' home. The Ubuntu Award was sponsored by the EU's Youth in Action program, the award giving ceremony was organized by the VOSESA. The application was available for African organisations accepting European volunteers or the other way around. Among 14 application our program made it to the final four. Our foundation received the "Environmental sustainability" award respecting the work producing sustainable values to the community in Bura. We also received a digital camera. Our volunteer, Ágnes Csordás was present on the award-giving ceremony in Johannesburg. You may find further details on the following site:

Construction of a cow barn

Unfortunately, the barn connected to the orphanage burnt down in 2005. Our foundation provided money to rebuild the barn with bamboo.

Setting up a kindergarten

As a result of the great numbers of young children, the leaders of the orphanage have decided to set up a kindergarten in May 2007. The leaders expect other children from the area to attend, so we hope that it might bring profit for the orphanage.
The foundation financed the following: painting a room, changing the windows and creating a new window to let more natural light enter into the room, connecting the building with electricity and making a blackboard for the room. With further donations we could also equip the kindergarten with more furniture.
The kindergarten is run by a professional teacher whose salary is taken care of by the foundation. We have also helped creating accommodation for the new employee.

Increase in the number of educated children

Part of the donations is spent on the children’s education and some children have a Hungarian sponsor, who covers their tuition fees.
In 2006, we paid fees for Michael Tumaini and Magdadela who attended a one year preparation class — recently they are attending a free preliminary school in Bura.
In February 2007, Andrea and Ferkó managed the education of three kids, Sylvia, Nzioki and Michael Manyunya. Sylvia is attending the high school of Ngani where she is traveling on a daily basis from the orphanage. Nzioki’s school is the Mwanjula Youth Polytechnic, where he studies to become a welder. Michael Manyunya is in a boarding school, the Global Village Academy, which is in Mtito city, in 150 km distance from the orphanage.
For two other talented students, Philip and Emmaculate, we ensure the possibility to study in a high level boarding school. Our outside helper, Mariam, a teacher of the St. Mary's Teachers Training College has chosen the schools for the most talented children.

General procurement

"In 2010 our volunteers brough several times bigger amount of diapers for the children

In May 2009 we managed to buy 6pcs of new bed for the kid's room

On the beginning of 2009 we bought new tables and chairs for the orphanage's dining room and for the nursery school as the old ones were in such a bad state of repair that sometimes caused injuries to the children, for example tin tables cut their hand. They're totally 30pcs of new chairs and 8pcs of new tables.

By the end of 2008 we bought 8pcs of bunk beds thanks to the donations gathered during our charitable concert organised in December. This was important so that each children could sleep in his or her own bed and have a more confortable arrangement."

In May 2007 we purchased some chickens to allow the children to eat meat regularly, and to allow the orphanage to become self sufficient.
Many children live up to 5 - 7kms distance from the school. So the children do not have to walk this distance everyday we have purchased a bicycle for the orphanage.
We also bought energy saving light bulbs, plastic foils for the younger children's beds, mosquito nets, and vitamins and nutrition for the babies.Those children that had been sick for a long time were taken to doctors or hospitals and were treated with the appropriate medicines.
We also provided different things for the school that help the children's mental development, for example books and board games.
Also in 2007 with the support of the Pedagogical Faculty of the College of Tessedik Sámuel we bought a cow, which partly provides the children with milk and partly provides profit for the orphanage as the excess milk is being sold.

Jelképes örökbefogadás

A jelképesen már örökbefogadott gyerekekről itt olvashat:

Emmaculate Wanjiku

1996. 11. 10-én született, árván maradt kislány, nagyon okos, szorgalmas tanuló.
Jelképes örökbefogadói iskolai tandíját fizetik.

Fausta Hope

2005. 12. 25-én született, a közeli Mwatate városban találták, 10 km-re Burától, és így került az árvaházba.
Jelképes örökbefogadójának adományát a kislány élelmezésére, ruházkodására, ellátására fordítjuk.

Josehp Kimoto

2004. 05. 18-án született, szülei még élnek, de édesanyja kórházban van, édesapja túl szegény ahhoz, hogy felnevelje. A kisfiú értelmi fogyatékos, de a lehetőségeihez képest és társai segítségével szépen fejlődik.
Jelképes örökbefogadójának adományát a fiú élelmezésére, ruházkodására, ellátására fordítjuk.

Michael Manyunya

1996. 02. 09-én született, szülei meghaltak. Michael nagyon szorgalmas tanuló, az iskolában elégedettek vele.
Jelképes örökbefogadói bentlakásos iskolai tandíját és ellátását fizetik.

Patrick Nzioki

1992. 05. 20-án született. Patrick az általunk vett biciklivel megy a szomszédos városba kb. 8 km-t naponta egy irányba. Álma, hogy autószerelő lehessen, de először el kell végeznie a jelenlegi iskoláját, ahol hegesztőnek tanul.
A fiú szakközépiskolába jár, amelynek tandíját jelképes örökbefogadói fizetik.

Philip Mkao

1996. 02. 08-án született, szülei még élnek, de sajnos drogfüggőségük miatt képtelenek a gyermeküket nevelni. Philip sokat tanul és segítőkész az árvaházban is.
Jelképes örökbefogadói iskolai tandíját fizetik.


Thanks to our volunteers who worked in Kenya, we managed to obtain long term assistance from local companies to supply the orphanage with food (bread, tea, flour, oil, margarine) and household goods (detergents, toilet paper, etc.).

Water tank building

In January 2008, we successfully applied at the Kenyan embassy in order to build a water tank for the orphanage.


In our foundation, we use our personal contacts to supervise the utilization of the money we transfer.

NeoFM Radio

Petra Kozalek and Ági Csordás were guest of the talk show „Civil Negyed” on 12, May 2011. They talked about the work of the Fondation and about being a volunteer in Kenya as well as their future plans. The interview is available here

4-17, June 2011 Budapest, Photo exhibition

Photos taken by Tímea Kramcsák in 2009 are exhibited in the Montázs Teahouse. During the opening ceremony, which is held on 4, June 6PM, Tímea will be talking of her 3 month volunteer work , about the children of Bura, the Kenyan masai village and the beach of Mombassa. The invitation can be downloaded here.

Locaton: Montázs teaház, 1064 Budapest, Vörösmarty u. 75.

2011. May 15., Budapest, Africa Festival

We are looking forward to celebrating with you the foundation of the African Union (AU). Multiple programs will be waiting for visitors from 14.00 to 22.00 pm. There will be more than enough time to taste african snacks and drinks in between lectures and presentations, you will also have the possibility to dance to the rythm of african drums. Member organizations of the Hungarian Africa Platform will be there to provide insight and introduction to their field of work. Address: Gödör klub, 1051, Budapest, Erzsébet tér Full program can be seen here. Registration for the migration game here.

2011. April 29-30., Budapest, Kijiji Africa

The Kijiji Africa Festival and Expo received it's name from the Swahili language, it is still spoken in parts of East-Africa, thus in Kenya. Fijiji means village, and the visitors of Kijiji can spend a day in an african village recreated with all its cultural and commercial splendor. Further information can be found here. ( Address: Asia Center, 1152, Budapest, Szentmihályi road 167-169.

2011. April 26., Budapest Africa lookout

Do you know what a shamba is, and what it's used for? Are you interested in the life of african immigrants in Hungary? Would you you like to know more about how Hungarian doctors can help in Africa? Take a peek into Africa through the lens of social oranizations! We are looking forward to meeting you all day long at the National Agricultural Library (Országos Mezőgazdasági Könyvtár) Free Entrance! Full program can be seen here. Address: 1012, Budapest, Attila út 13.

20th April, 2011. Budapest, School presentation

On Fasori Lutheran Secondary School's 'Silent Day' our volunteer Bővíz Ferenc gave a presentation on his experiences of the orphanage work in Kenya. Then he had a conversation with the students about problems in Africa and possible solutions based on the Hungarian documantary film called 'Silent cradles'.

2011.March 17-20., Budapest, Africa Expo

Have you seen an afro-cuban dance performance or the Afrobreakz Jam session ensemble from Senegal? Do you know what a djembe, dunumba, balafon or a kora is? Can you play on a krin or a bolon? Have you tasted ethiopian, ugandan, kenyan or tanzanian coffee specialties? Now you can at the first Africa Expo! Address: Hungexpo pavilon Full program at

16, February 2011., Budapest Taita Day

We're presenting Africa Day in the Grammar School Lónyai. With the help of our volunteers we are showing pictures about our work in Kenya, and through the fair trade game we're trying to help children to have a better understanding of the disadvantages of various parts of the World. We're talking about the peace mission, about the major problems of Africa and about the possible solutions as well as about the goals of the Millenium.

2011. February 12. Budapest, Multi cultural evening

Greek-Serbian-Bolgarian national lectures will be presented together with a dancing evening organized at the Ady Endre Cultural Center (Újpest) from 18h. Taita foundation will be one of the guests, as Hijmans Mirjana schoolmistress, the organizer of the event has in the past visited the orphanage in Kenya and understands the importance of help, assistance and support. Address: 1043 Budapest, Tavasz u. 4.

19, January 2011, Vác, Taita Day

All day long Africa related programs organized for the first time in a school environment! We are happy to inform you that the Váci Piarista secondary school has invited us to introduce our volunteer work, the country of Kenya and the whole of Africa to their 3rd grade students. Several volunteers will present lectures based on their experiences in Africa. There will also be a chance to take part in quizzes and play with fair trade games. The drummers of Afrobreaks will performe during breaks. There will be up to 100 adolescents!

17th October 2010, Budapest, International Day for the Eradication of Poverty

On the occasion of the 2010 International day for the eradication of poverty we organized a „Take action against poverty” event starting from 2pm. With our initiative we would like to contribute to enforcing solidarity principles, to fighting off poverty and to provide wide assistance for those living in difficult conditions. The program was created as a collaboration between African foundations, and organized without any outside sponsorship. During the day visitors can take part in movie screenings, exhibitions, roundtable discussions, theatrical presentations. There will be a play house for children and donation collection. Hope to see you there!

Location: Tűzraktér Alkotóház, 1065 Budapest, Hegedű u. 3.

17th September 2010, Székesfehérvár, Can you read this?

You are lucky! About 80 million children around the world (two-third girls) can not attend school and ten times as many adults are illiterate! We provide together with the BOCS Foundation free Elementary, Secondary and college level basic classes/groups (for the ages:13- 23). Our volunteer Kozalek Petra introduced the situation in Kenya to the participants. One of the main goals of Taita Foundation is to provide highstandard education in public schools for the orphans in Kenya.

Location: Szent István Művelődési Ház, Székesfehérvár

7th September 2010, Budapest, School presentation

Mirjana Hijmans school teacher gave a presentation about her 2010 summer volunteer experience in Kenya at the Budapest Serb School. Grades 11.,12. attended the event.

19th August 2010, Budapest, World Humanitarian Day

The event held in Gödör Terasz was part of the “Színesed. Magyarország Fesztivál” and provided an overview of humanitarian organizations working in Hungary. Taita Foundation also took part in the event organized by the Ebony African Organization.

20-22. August 2010, Budapest, Mesterségek Ünnepe (Festival of Folk Arts)

The African Art Group together with Piknik Huszár created an African roundtrip at Dísz square. Some of the attractions were: drumming, dance lessons, African bead threading, batik workshop. Our foundation took part in the event with an information stand and our volunteers help out in the activities.

28th July 2010, Taliándörögd, M.vészetek völgye (Valley of Arts)

Radó Orsolya volunteers presentation was entitled "One drop of hungarian help in black Africa”. A movie screening was also shown as part of the “Ösök Háza” program, at the Roman Catholic Church.

22-29. July 2010, Bast, Africa camp

The Kerek Világ Foundation enabled 25 transylvanian students and their teachers to take part in an African camp in Croatia. The children donated the money they raised with carol singing to the African children in need. In camp the children took part in arts and crafts workshops, lectures, quizzes given by the volunteers of the African Foundation. They went on long excursions, visited Dubrovnik and in the evenings had fun with the drummers of Afrobreakz.

4th July, 2010, Budapest, Varnyú

Our volunteer, László Balázs exhibits at „Vis Major” café-gallery till the beginning of August. This is so far the biggest and we think his best debut. Naturally the logo of Taita is placed at the corner of each painting, and his letter introducing the Taita Foundation is displayed by the entrance, next to his introductions. Details:

26-27th June, 2010, Budapest, Madagascar, House (Madagaszkár Ház)

The Budapest Zoo and Botanical Garden with the involvement of the Consulate of the Republic of Madagascar in Budapest transforms the Apes’ House of the zoo to Madagascar House, where the species of fauna of the island country can be seen. Taita Foundation also introduces itself to the visitors of the zoo on the Madagascar Weekend, and the participants will also celebrate the 50th jubilee of the independence of Madagascar together. The exhibition can be visited during the opening hours of the zoo, so between 9am and 7pm.

Location: Budapest Zoo and Botanical Garden

24th June, 2010, Budapest, Colourful Great World photo exhibition

Our volunteer, Réka Tokay was in Kenya, and her photos about Mwakio and Zainabu got into the group of the best 20 in the category of Portrait according to the audience voting. Besides we could attend the prize giving gala, the photo of Zainabu ranked among the first 6 according to the choice of the technical jury, hence they also displayed it. The exhibition can be visited till 18th June, 2010.

Location: Corvinus University of Budapest, Közraktár Street 4-6. Here You can watch the photo!

25-29th May, 2010, Pécs, Africa Week 2010

After the transition, the most relevant Hungarian conference dealing with Africa is being organised in Pécs. The only academic Africa Research Centre in Hungary, and the editorial office of the Africa Studies Journal, the only newspaper about the continent in Hungary operates in Pécs. The reason for the occasion is the fact that 17 former colonial province won independence in 1960 (“in the year of Africa”), and it is worthy and timely this year, after 50 years, to analyse the nation-state and regional ambitions of half of a century, and to consider the potential problems and opportunities of the next 50 years for the African continent that is increasingly important for global politics and world economy. Scientists from several fields of science, researchers, representatives of civil organisations and diplomats come according to 12 topics. The main presentations are held by two worldwide known international experts, Prof. Dr. Göran Hyden professor emeritus (University of Florida) and Richard Dowden, director of the Royal African Society, UK. The photos of Orsolya Radó from Taita were displayed, and Orsi also made a presentation on volunteering in Kenya. Ágnes Csordás held a presentation with the title "Do you believe?" on the international conference. Our foundation collected almost 11 thousand HUF donation, which will be spent on feeding the children.

23, May 2010. Budapest Celebration of Africa

Together with the Hungarian Platform of Africa (MAP) we welcome all of you that are interested, to the T.zraktér Alkotóház from 2PM. Let’s celebrate together the International Day of Africa and the fondation of the Organisation of African Unity in 1963. The today already named as the Organisation of African Union (OAU) was the voice of Africa on the international stage who put in a word for the conclusion of the colonization which brough at last peace and development for the African continent. We’re waiting all the interested ones with an even bigger variety of programs. Travelogue with the title of „In Africa with wheelchair”, african music instrument presentation, animal caressing, photo exhibition, african drummers and musicians, scientific presentations, story telling corner and afro hairstyle for kids. Site: T.zraktér Alkotóház, 1065 Budapest., Heged. u. 3.

11, May 2010. Esztergom, „Master and Pupil” Social Pedagogic Conference

Our volunteer, Noémi Hey as a student of Pázmány Péter University gave a lecture introducing our fondation and talking about it’s activity at home and in Kenya and about our goals. It’s a delight for us that based on the votes of the audience and that of the professional jury Noémi became the first one in the competiton of the speakers. With her speech she raised attention and gained sympathy of the people and managed to draw their attention to the african mission.

23, April 2010. Budapest, School Presentation

Our volunteer, Ágnes Csordás was invited to the grammar school Radnóti Mihály, where in the frame of Radnóti School Days she held a presentation to the children about her kenyan experiences.

22, April 2010 Budapest, School Presentation

In the primary school Csontvary of the 18th district our volunteer Ágnes Csordás and the volunteers of the Fondation for Africa brought the children of 2nd and 4th class to an imaginary Africa by playing, story telling, drawing, singing and drumming with them.

17, April 2010. 1st Day of Africa in Csepel

We are participating as exhibitor during the first Africa Day of Csepel organised by the African-Hungarian Association where between others AHU, the Volunteer Medical Mission of Congo will present itself. From 6PM Attila Faragó and his friends will entertain the audience as well as Mbaye Ndiaye, the percussion band of Senegal.

Location: Királyerdei M.vel.dési Ház, 1213 Budapest, Szent István út 230.

13, April 2010. Budapest, Refugee life

Within the frame of the ELTE PPK days an exhibition has been organised with an additional workshop by the Volunteer Intercultural Pedagogic group with the title of Refugee Life. The main mission of the group is the development of the childrens staying at the Refugee Camp of Bicske. Since there are African children as well in this camp, we think it is important to support their work with our experiences.

October 4, 2009 Budapest, Marathon run
On Sunday from 11 am, along with drummers, we will cheer the runners of the 24th SPAR Budapest International Marathon and Runner Festival by the 9th km stone, by the Szent Istvan Park crossing. After the passing of the competitors and the closing bus we will also run 1 km. In 2008, the Kenyan Samuel Wansiru won the male Olympic Marathon run golden medal in Peking.

September 10, 2009 Kistarcsa, Club evening
The Cultural Association of Kistarcsa invited us to do a presentation about the voluntary work in Africa. Those interested in the topic will experience a movie and photo show, and can hear about the experiences of the volunteers. The program is free of charge and will start at 7 pm on Thursday, September 10. The program duration is about 1 hour.
Location: Kistarcsa, Széchenyi út 33.

August 29 - September 15, 2009 Pécs, Photo exhibition
The volunteer from the Taita Foundation, Orsolya Radó, tells about the life in the Kenyan orphanage and her experiences about the 3 months spent with the children through her own photos. The exhibition is called "A drop of Hungarian help in black Africa". Opening: Aug 29, 2009 5 pm, Pécs, Apáczai körtér 1.
At the opening, Orsi will also talk about her experiences in person along with a movie show. The exhibition is free and can be visited until September 15.
Supporters: János Nemes ÁMK, Szabó Péter Photo
The recordings about the exhibition and the interview can be viewed in the video archive of the Pécs Tv.

June 14, 2009 Törökbálint, Africa Day
Organizers: Friends of Tanzania Foundation and the Mihály Munkácsy Community Centre.
Along with the civil organizations, we would like to introduce Africa in a way whereby also the audience experiences the feeling we live through in Africa. Primarily not through serious professional and scientific presentations, but through travelogues, photo exhibitions, movie showings, African music, dance, African food and last but not least through introduction of African people. There will be a playhouse available to the children, who can also pet animals.
Location: Mihály Munkácsy Community Centre, Törökbálint

May 9, 2009 Győr, Africa Day
Organizers: Hungarian Africa Platform and the Sándor Petőfi Community Centre. Besides the diverse programs (movie showing, life concert, handcrafts, coffee tasting) the visitors can familiarize their selves with the local civil organizations engaged with Africa, among them with Taita, with Africans living here, and volunteers that will talk about their experiences in Africa. From 4 pm onwards, Vuity Trtko will talk about his African experiences.
Location: Bezerédj Castle of Ménfőcsanak

May 5-6, 2009 Budapest, Civilbox2009
Civilbox2009 is the nationwide meeting of the Hungarian civil organizations and is organized in Budapest by the European House. During the professional programs, one can learn about the Civil Chamber, the experiences of our 5-year EU membership, the European parliamentary elections, the National Civil Program, and the Civil Licit program. All programs of the event are free. Location: Millenáris Fogadó, Budapest, Fény u. 20-22.
Opening: May 5., 2 pm.

April 17, 2009 Budapest, Organ concert
István Bán, organ artist, will give a charity organ concert in the Mathias Church of Budavár to support the Taita Foundation. The host of the event is France Mutombo, the co-president of the Hungarian Africa Platform. The aim of the event is to support the education of the children in the Kenyan Bura orphanage.
Location: 1014 Budapest, Szentháromság tér 2.

April 8, 2009 Pécsvárad, Club Worldtour
2 of our volunteers, Orsolya Radó and Lívia Radó will do a presentation about their Kenyan trip in Pécsvárad at the Lajos Fülep Community Centre. The girls returned home in January 2009. Orsi spent 3 months in the Bura orphanage, her sister went there in January. They will show photos and movie clips about the orphanage and the National Park of Kenya.

27-28 September 2008, Miskolc, African days
The organizers of this event are working in Sudan and their main purpose was to gather money for establishing a drinking-water well in Sudan. There was (i) a photo exhibition mostly of pictures taken in secrecy, (ii) panellist conversation, (iii) craftsman workshops and other interesting programmes. Location was Miskolc, Sárga Csikó Fogadó (closed to the Cora shopping mall at the exit of the motorway no. M3).

6 September 2008, Faces of Africa
AfroAid organized an event called “Faces of Africa” in the Gödör Club where our foundation participated as well. We consider it important to bring African people closer to Hungarians in order to change the stereotypes which primarily relate to poverty and health conditions but forget about talents who originated from Africa. Lots of actors, sportsmen, musicians, dancers and authors made a name for the continent.
Further information is available on the following website.

9 August 2008, Szerencs Summit III.
We participated on a conference in Szerencs organized by AHU, which considered Africa and the renewable energy. Famous lecturers revealed the possibilities in nature and showed solutions to mitigate drought and starvation. The program involved a football cup and the winner was Inter Afrique FC.

25 July 2008, Valley of Arts, Africa village
Within the program called "Valley of Arts" we organized the Africa village in Vigántpetend with Hello Afrika and Afrikáért Foundation. We organized Africa related concerts, movies, lectures, exhibitions and handicraft workshops. Our drummers entertained the visitors of Africa village. Our lecturers were István Tarrósy and Ildikó Szilas.

23 May 2008, Africa Day
The foundation of the Organisation of Africa Union (OAU, 1963) is worldwide celebrated on the Africa Day. OAU acted as the voice of Africa on international forums to terminate colonization which resulted in the development and peace of the African continent. Programs organised:
-  children house with games
- concerts for adults (Chalaban and others), movies and talks about Africa
Location: Fészek Művészklub, Bp., VII. Kertész u. 36.
We await you sincerely on the African Day organized by Taita, Helloafrika and Afrikáért foundations. However, it is over.

22 April 2008, Joythunder – Kecskemét
On the Day of World drums created thunder in the youth club in Kecskemét thanks to the Afro Magic band. Our foundation was able to introduce itself on the event. The visitors learnt African dances and later jugglers amused them on the courtyard with their fiery display.

13-19 April 2008, One World Project – Africa
The One World Project’s April station was Africa’s culture, history, arts, recent situation and vision. Tilos radio, www.tilos.hubroadcasted interesting interviews. If you wish to listen to the interviews, you might click on the icon of the blue microphone on the following website: Emese and Ferkó were talking about the Symbolic adoption in the programme Szakácstolvaj on 17 April. We participated on a great party on 19 April in the Gödör club in Budapest. Hundreds of visitors were attracted by the program. You may find details here:

10 April 2008, Hungarian Africa Platform opening event
Three foundations (including Taita) started to set up the Hungarian Africa Platform in summer 2007 www.afrikaplatform.huUntil 2008 ten organisations joined the Platform. The main objective of the Platform is to join and coordinate between domestic organisations in order to achieve more efficient co-operation. On the other hand it is willing to actively participate in developing and performing the Hungarian Africa policy and strategy.
The opening event happened on 10 April, with Ms Göncz, the Secretary of Hungary as honour guest. Speeches were held by France Mutombo, co-director of MAP, Zoltán Szedlacskó, director of the Controlling Board of AHEAD Global Kht. and Joao Miguel Vahekeni, the Hungarian ambassador of the Republic of Angola.
Almost 120 participants were present on the event, which shows its success. The participants showed interest in the organisations’ operations, possibilities of joining and the ministry of foreign affairs represented its assistance regarding the platform.

21 March 2008, Anti-racist World day, Africa
The Anti-racist World day was organized in Budapest the seventh time in the Millenáris Fogadó and the Corvin tető. The topic of this year’s event was Africa. Among several African civil organisations we introduced ourselves via photos, music and Kenyan reports. Membrán programme of the television channel m2 prepared a summary on 2 April 2008 which is available here:
Summary of Membrán

21 March 2008, African music night - Szeged
The foundation With music and rhythm ("Mesével és Ritmussal") organised on event in Szeged to bring the African music closer to the visitors. Our foundation participated on the event and our speech about Africa and the Kenyan orphans was greeted with great interest.

27 July - 5 August 2007; Valley of Arts, Valley of Afrika 2007
First time the Valley of Arts will include the Valley of Africa in its program. Together with the Helló Afrika Association and the Foundation for Africa we represented the true face of Africa at Vigántpetend in the village house.

11 April 2007; Concert
Organ and flute concert in the Matthias Church. The Foundation and the Árpád Lion's Club of Újpest together organised a charity concert in Matthias Church at which István Bán (organist) and Zoltán Gyöngyössy were performing and to raise money to help the children in Kenya.

October 2006; "Our guest Africa" exhibition
We were represented in this exhibition about Africa which was held between the 7th October and 30th November.

9-16 August 2006 Sziget Festival
Together with the Helló Afrika Association and the Foundation for Africa we organized the Africa Village at Sziget. Those who took part could hear many interesting reports, play games, quizzes and other take part in activities. We hope we will be there next year too.

June 2006.
We reported about the volunteer work in Kenya at Club Helló Afrika.

June 2006.
Together with the Helló Afrika Association we were popularising Africa and African culture on the "Week of the Volunteers" with films, games and Africa quizzes.

May 2006.
We attended Planet Festival where we were talking about our African experiences.

April 2006.
We held a lecture about Africa at the Bánki Secondary School in Ajka.

December 2005
We were represented at the Helló Africa Festival.