The bank account numbers of our Foundation:

HUF Account number: 12001008-00126692-00100007


Offer of 1% of VAT
We welcome if you offer 1% of your VAT to our Foundation

Taita Foundation for the African Children

VAT number HU181214271

You can do a lot for African children by only donating HUF 2,500 per month. This is the amount that covers monthly food and medicine supply for a single child.

Monthly HUF 4,500 donations cover even the educational costs besides the food and medicine supply.

In case of symbolic adoption we meet personally with the sponsor. The children to be adopted can be chosen from the pictures shown on our website. As not all the children have symbolic adopter, we would like to make it clear that we do not make outstanding differentiation between the children. E.g. if we buy food from your donation, all the children will have their share. However, if the sponsor supports the education of a child, we certainly pay his tution fee directly to school.

The sponsors are given the opportunity to contact the “adopted” child. Mailing in English is an option if it is an elder child, i.e. more than 12-year-old. If you chose a younger child then our volunteers can tell you about him/her as they have spent several months in the orphanage and know most of the children very well (except for the new inhabitants).

There is a high level of fluctuation in the orphanage. Children often leave the orphanage unexpectedly as e.g. a relative shows up who takes him/her over. If this were the case with your adopted child, we would inform you as soon as possible. Our volunteers located in Kenya provide us up-to-date information and we also receive news from the sisters via mail or text messages.

You may read about the children already adopted / sponsored:

Emmaculate Wanjiku


She was born on 10 November 1996 and became orphaned. She is very talented and a hard-working student.
Her sponsors pay her tuition fees.

Fausta Hope

Fausta Kevin

She was born on 25 December 2005 and was found abandoned in the nearby town of Mwatate, 10 km from Bura and was taken into the orphanage.
Donations from her sponsor are used to provide food and clothing for Fausta.

Joseph Kimoto


Joseph was born on 18 May 2004. Although, his parents are still alive, his mother is in hospital and his father is too poor to bring him up. Joseph is handicapped but is improving his capacity to do things, helped by his friends in the orphanage.
His sponsor’s donation is used to provide food and clothes for Joseph.

Michael Manyunya


Michael was born on 9 February 1996 and both his parents are dead. He is an extremely hard-working student and all his teachers are satisfied with his work.
Donations from his sponsors provide food for Michael and pay his tuition fees for the public school.

Patrick Nzioki


He was born on 20 May 1992. Patrick rides 8 km daily with the bike that we purchased. His dream is to become a car mechanic. To fulfill this dream he needs to complete his current schooling, where he is studying to become a welder.
Patrick studies in a technical college and the tuition fees are covered by his sponsors.

Philip Mkao


Philip was born on 8 February 1996. Both his parents are alive; however, they are not able to raise him up as they are drug addicts. Philip learns a lot and he is ready to help in the orphanage wherever he can.
Donations from sponsors pay his tuition fees.

Agrippina Wakesho


2001. február 14-én született. Édesanyja értelmi fogyatékos, ezért adták be rokonai az árvaházba. Rendkívül önálló, értelmes, eleven kislány. Örökbefogadója árvaházi ellátását és általános iskolai tanulmányait támogatja.

Moses Alfred


2006. november 29-én született, szülei meghaltak. 2007 áprilisában került be az árvaházba a közeli kisváros kórházából. Akkor nagyon sovány, beteges kisbaba volt, de szerencsére azóta megerősödött és javult egészségi állapota. Örökbefogadója árvaházi ellátását biztosítja.

Beatrice Akinyi


Beatrice 2000-ben született. Bátyjával, Johnnal édesanyjuk halála után kerültek be az árvaházba. Nagyon visszafogott kislány volt, de azóta kinyílt és rengeteget segít. Örökbefogadója árvaházi ellátását fizeti.



Peter ikertestvérével együtt került be az árvaházba. Édesanyjuk meghalt, édesapjuk nagyon beteg. Kedves, jókedvű kisfiú. Örökbefogadója árvaházi ellátását támogatja.



1992-ben született, szülei halála után került az árvaházba. Még általános iskolába jár és emellett sokat dolgozik, szeret segíteni az árvaházban is, főleg a földeken. Örökbefogadója árvaházi ellátását és taníttatását fizeti.

If you would like to be part of our young and dynamic team, you should apply for a volunteer place with us. Every offer of aid means enormous help for the African children, therefore we accept any helpful, enthusiastic applicants into our team.

We gladly accept your ideas and suggestions regarding our work. We would like to reach more and more people in various events (such as charity concerts, foot-races, festivals, markets and other events) for which we accept volunteers.

There is chance to volunteer in Kenya with the foreign nuns who look forward to working with volunteers from overseas.


Almost 30 volunteers participate in the Hungarian activities of the Taita Foundation.

In the autumn of 2006 a Hungarian couple living in Ireland paid a daily visit in the Buran orphanage to check on the children living there and brought them books, clothes and sweets.

Until now more than 10 thirteen Hungarian volunteers have been working in the two orphanages subsidized by us. Most of them spent several months in Kenya; Emese Borbély, Ferenc Bővíz, Kincső Bíró, Erzsébet Mosonyi, Emese Pór, Andrea Szegedi, Ágnes Csordás, Orsolya Radó, Ágnes Schaffler, Réka Tokay and Tímea Kramcsák, Katalin Alkér, Beáta Böröcz Júlia, Enikő Borbély, Mirjana Hijmans, Enikő Gaál, Petra Kozalek, dr. Valéria Kutnyánszky, Telegdy and Zsolt Hirling.
You may read their stories here

Our volunteers:

We would like to introduce some of our volunteers who perform important work for us.

Bőviz Ferenc
Currently I live in Budapest where I study finance and am gaining experience at a multinational advisory firm. In my spare time I watch movies, I read, I go to concerts, I am an amateur photographer and I dunk croissants into yoghurt. I love travelling, getting to know different cultures and people. I have felt the will to do something against the unfair allocation of resources for a long while. I found Taita Foundation on the internet and I spent 3 months in Kenya at the start of 2007. Since then I have been helping them from Hungary through the Foundation.

Csordás Ági
I have a degree in Economics/Marketing and I was working for a long time for a telecommunication company. In my free time I enjoyed traveling, taking part in different initiatives but most of all I wanted to invest my energies into something that gives help to at least a few people. I always enjoyed dealing with children so I searched the possibilities in this direction. My life went through a great change in 2008 and in the meantime luckily I've met the TAITA people and since than I take an active part in the work of the organisation.. On the end of 2008 I even spent 2 monthes helping directly in the orphanage of Bura and my heart is longing to be back since than.

Ferencz Márta
I am an English teacher and photographer, living currently in Nagymaros. My hobby is travelling, but not as a tourist and as an outsider; I try to live the everyday life of the local people, travel as they travel, eat what they eat, and look into their culture and religion as much as my stay allows me to do. This is how I got to Kenya, where I have spent 6 months in the orphanage.

Mosonyi Erzsébet
I am a healing teaching assistant, craftsman and game therapist. I work in administration for one of the Hungarian colleges. In my spare time I organize handicraft activities, make puppets and play handball. I can use my experience in game and crafts therapy when I am working with children. I discovered the Taita Foundation in Kapolcs; an arts and crafts festival that happens every summer. The story of the children grasped me immediately. I visited the orphanage twice in 2007, Firstly for a 2 month stay and then for 3 weeks later in the year. If I can manage it I would like to visit them every year. I grew to love the children of Bura, I miss them and I am glad to have given them something of myself. I believe that love has a great power, it has helped me to teach them and to learn from them.

Radó Lívia
I have a MD in Economics, I completed my studies in 2003 in Sopron. I was involved into the Taita activities by my younger sister, Orsolya Radó. In 2009 we went together to the orphanage of Bura and since than the children became very important for me. I'm continuously supporting the fondation by helping in various issues, such as writing of applications or event organisation. I keep thinking of the children of bura day after day and I'd return to Kenya any time.

Radó Orsolya
After graduating from high school a earned my MD at the University of Pécs on the Faculty of German Language and Literature. Since than I'm working in my hometown in Nemes János Primary School as a german teacher. I was always fond of Africa that's why I deciced to work as a volunteer in an African orphanage. I was working in the Taita Mountains from October 2008 to January 2009 and I was deeply touched by the children of the orphanage of Bura and since I came home I keep trying to help them. I'm taking part in the fondation's work by helping to write applications, take part in event organisations so that we could find as many supporter as possible ,which allows us to cover the daily expenses of the orphanage and to enable the children to receive appropriate education. In my freetime I enjoy taking pictures specially when a moment is captured through the face of a children. Most of the photos of my exhibitions are therefore portrets.

Stoller Krisztina
A I study sociology in the University of Economics. I found Taita in 2006 through a foundation which helps Hungarian orphans. I wanted to do something meaningful during my university years so I became a volunteer.
Taita Foundation is one of the founding member of the Hungarian African Platform which is an umbrella organisation, which provides links between Africa and Hungary to improve communication and aid between the two. I represented the Taita Foundation and since the autumn of 2007 I have worked as an executive secretary and co-ordinator of the African Platform. I am certain that the platform will become even more successful in the future.

Székely Nóra
I am Emese's cousin and I became a member of the foundation through her and now I help as a volunteer. I graduated at ELTE as Hungarian and French teacher, but currently I work in customer service. In my spare time I read, learn music, walk and watch movies, and I also love to work with children. Taita reminds me firstly how lucky I am to live in the given circumstances and secondly how important it is to help others in our lives. My dream is to go to Kenya and experience life out there.

Current gathering:

The enrollment of each children into the boarding school St. Agnes of Voi - which provides a higher level of education than the local primary school of Bura - gives a new hope for a better life. (the yearly cost of the St Agnes school is about 120.000Huf/children, including full board and accomodation) A few locker or shelf would be always useful in the children's room as the few pieces of cloth they have, they are keeping in the end of their bed or under the mattress (a locker costs about 5000Huf/pcs)

Prices in Kenya:

We list a few prices in order to give an idea about local expenses in case of donation. We're supporting the orphanage from individual donations and we learned personally that even a smaller Hungarian donation counts a lot in Kenya.

yearly cost of boarding school :120 000 Ft

uniform for boarding school students: 2 700 Ft

slippers, sandal: 300 Ft/ pair

Bura-Mwatate transport fee: 150 Huf

Bura-Voi transport fee: 450 Huf

1 day bus rental fee Bura-Voi: 6000 Huf + 750 Huf for fuel

10 kg meat for Sundays: 6 000 Huf

100 kg potatoes (enough for 2 weeks) :10 000 Huf

Gas bottle: 9 000 Huf

25 kg chicken feed: 8 000 Huf

Current gatherings

We would like to buy new tables and chairs for the dining room. We need 6 tables and 40 chairs. The price of one table is 2000 HUF, and one chair is 600 HUF. These are made by a local carpenter.

Donations with purpose

- sewing machine
- irrigation plant
- mosquito net, blanket

Individual donations

We help the orphanage with money from individual donations. From our personal experiences in Kenya we saw that even a little help means a lot.

Buy fair trade goods

Read more here.

Travelling and working there

We send volunteers to the orphanage to help the sisters with their work. Before the travelling, there is communication between the volunteer and the orphanage. The volunteers pay for their own travel costs.

You can organize African programs in Hungary

On these events we represent the work of the foundation, we share our experiences, and we talk about what the children of the orphanage. We advertise our programs on our website.

Regular support = "Symbolic adoption"

Regular subsidy costs 2500-4500 HUF/month, 10-18 EUR/month for one child. You can see the photos of the children that are sponsered on our website.


We are expecting help from companies and firms who can help us with some donations to reach our aims. We strongly believe that together we are able to make some changes in Kenya.

Collection boxes

In Budapest and in some other towns we placed money boxes and flyers. We collect donations with them.
If you have any idea where we can place more collection boxes, please let us know.